The Semen Hell #29

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Actress: Akiko Nakata Alias: Rosa Kawashima/ Aya Tanaka(Real Name) T:153cm B:82(B)/ W:55/ H:83 Birth: 1979/08/20 Hobby: Cooking Sports:Swimming Occupation: Announcer/ Uncensored debut of a real announcer at TOKYO-HOT.COM . Below is the history of activities as a real announcer. Free announcer activity: World Business Satellite (* Confirmation required *, TV TOKYO) The! World Astonishment News (NTV) Ito family dining table (NTV) Angra ☆ NOW! (Assistant, NTV) Mecha x 2 cool (Fuji TV) I'm in love with Busu's eyes (Station Anna, Fuji TV) Kamen Rider 555 (TV Asahi) Karaoke Grand Prize 21 (Assistant, Ciba TV) After all Minato Gugutto Good (Reporter, Minato Cable) Crossnet Wao! (Reporter) , City Cable Shunan) Winter big lottery (moderator, Yashiro Shopping Park Bio) CM: JOY Card Beauty School Otsuka Pharmaceutical Nature Made PV: Rimi Natsukawa "Dojin ~ Yamatoguchi ~" (role of heroine)
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